The Selfish Seamstress has a lot of pet peeves when it comes to sewing projects.  One of the main ones is the misguided use of quilting fabric for women’s apparel.  Yes, quilting fabric often comes in very pretty prints, patterns, and colors, and yes, there are some rare exceptions when it works well. But more often than not, when people sew dresses or blouses in quilting fabric, they may as well just scrawl the word “HOMEMADE” on it with a Sharpie.

I’m not a quilter (I don’t have much interest in sewing when it doesn’t hold potential for vain adornment) and so I generally avoid the quilting section of my local fabric store.  But somehow the Tillbrook collection of fabrics from Alexander Henry has slipped into my consciousness and I find it too adorable and charming to ignore.  Here are some examples.  First up, the Tillbrook Border print:


Then the Tillbrook Toadstools:


And lastly the Tillbrook Fairies print, similar to the Tillbrook Border but an all-over print:


Too lovely, don’t you think? And I can’t think of a way to use it (and therefore I can’t think of an excuse to buy it.) Yes, the obvious answer would be to make something for a baby, but that violates the first rule of Selfish Seamstressing.  Anyway, babies are too young to express worshipful gratitude, and you have to wait a long time before you can collect on the debt they owe you for the handmade gift in any tangible way.  (Yeah, yeah, they’re sweet and full of love and the greatest gift of all, but a Selfish Seamstress needs presents and favors. She can’t just give away her labor in exchange for stuff like love.)  

Anyway, she’s not sure how her adorable nephew would look in pink fairy print:

Picture 1

[Sigh.  For the sake of full disclosure, the Selfish Seamstress did knit his little sweater from Knitty’s wonderful Trellis pattern. As much as it goes against her philosophy of selfishness, she is a slave to this child. If you’re wondering, it’s Sublime DK weight organic cotton in shade #91 Peapod.] 

Okay, back to talking about me. The question is, could I incorporate this print fabric into my sewing in any reasonably sophisticated way? Particularly the border print, which I just love. Or is cutesy (an aesthetic that does not interest me) the only option? Ideas?