I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York (my hometown) for a wedding, which yes, was the spiritual union of two wonderful people, but, more importantly marked the debut of my Little Black Dress. (Don’t worry, now that I’m home I should have some time in the next week to do some sewing so that I can finally talk about another project!)

Now that I’m back online, I’m faced with a Selfish Seamstress dilemma.  The voting has started for the Pattern Review Little Black Dress Contest and as a PR member, I do have one precious little vote to hand out.  Of course, the selfish thing to do would be to vote for my own dress.  But somehow I have always been uncomfortable with voting for myself.  

In the third grade I was nominated for something, student council or some such position, and when it came time to vote (by a show of hands), I voted for an opponent because, well, she didn’t seem to have a lot of votes and I thought it would be a nice thing to do.  The teacher then made me take back my vote and vote for myself because he said if I didn’t vote for myself it meant I didn’t think I was the best candidate for the job, which meant I shouldn’t be running. Since then I’ve always felt very strange about voting for myself for anything.

Anyway, I’ve decided to vote for another dress, though which one I have not yet decided as there are many very pretty entries. As Selfish a Seamstress as I am and try to be, I just find it too weird to vote for my own, even though it’s the black dress I’ve wanted for a long time.  Is that silly?  What would you do?